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Welcome to Butt Karahi Restaurant!

Your All-Time-Favourite Pakistani Restaurant

Butt Karahi is a fine dining restaurant that focuses primarily on serving the best halal food which is prepared from halal meat that has been slaughtered in the name of divine Allah. Every single dish at the restaurant is prepared using an intricate balance of spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients which are imported from Pakistan to give customers the mouth-watering Pakistani taste that they deserve. Even the chefs are well-versed in appropriate traditional Pakistani cooking styles that give customers the leisure of tasting homemade food at the restaurant.
We believe that this commitment to halal meat not only ensures that our food is prepared in a way that is consistent with our customers' beliefs but also contributes to the overall quality and flavour of our dishes. So whether you're looking to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or host a larger gathering of friends and family, Butt Karahi is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an authentic Pakistani fine-dining experience.

Palak Chicken

What Makes Us One-of-a-kind?

Here are some common features of our restaurant that make us matchless:

Fresh ingredients

The use of fresh and high-quality ingredients is essential
to creating authentic Pakistani karahi dishes.

Warm and inviting atmosphere

We have a warm and inviting atmosphere, with colourful decor
and comfortable seating.

Family-style dining

At Butt Karahi, all the dishes are often served family-style,
with large portions that are meant to be shared among the table.


We offer a selection of accompaniments, such as
naan bread, raita, and chutney, to complement their karahi dishes.