Best Pakistani Dishes Restaurant in Calgary
20 Feb

Tempting Spices That Make Pakistani Dishes Taste Awesome 

When we talk about Pakistani cuisine, the tempting dishes that strike minds are Malai Boti, Qeema Karahi, Chicken Achari Karahi, and so on. There are some of the best Pakistani dishes restaurant in Calgary which offers its guests impeccable servings that delight their taste buds. 

Whether you want some spicy taste or a tangy essence, you would have plenty of dish items to go for in the Pakistani Food Menu. 

Best Pakistani Dishes Restaurant in Calgary

But what makes Pakistani Cuisine so yummy? It is the ingredients and culinary techniques chefs use to make them. In this blog, we will tell you some of the most relishing food ingredients that are used for making Pakistani dishes. So, let’s have a look: 

Kasuri Methi 

Kasuri Methi which is also known as dried fenugreek leaves is the staple ingredient used in Pakistani cuisine. It’s an essential herb that is considered fabulous for its strong and aromatic taste.

Although the stuff has a slightly bitter taste the transformation it provides to the dish is unmatchable in taste. It gives an in-depth flavor to the serving and complexity to the dishes. 

Pomegranate Seeds 

Pomegranate seeds are also highly known as Anardana. This is used in Pakistani dishes, especially in the Halal ones to add sweet-tart flavor and color to the dishes.

Often, the seeds are coarse into powder and then used in the preparation or also while garnishing. It gives a juicy and tangy undertone to the food item that the chef is making. 


Popularly known as Imli, this stuffing is greatly used in Pakistani cuisines. It gives a sweet yet savory flavor to the dish. 

Made from the pulp of the tamarind fruit, tamarind paste is a flexible ingredient that works well in soups, chutneys, sauces, and marinades. 

In addition, street cuisine and savory snacks can benefit from the souring effect of tamarind.


The tiny, fragrant seeds known as ajwain, or carom seeds, have a strong flavor akin to oregano and thyme.

Ajwain is used whole or ground in Pakistani cooking to give food a unique flavor and scent. It is frequently used in stir-fries of vegetables, meat marinades, lentil dishes (daals), and bread recipes like naan and paratha. 

Ajwain is frequently used in recipes that are heavy or rich in flavor since it is said to help with digestion.

Amchur Dried Mango Powder

Unripe green mangoes are dried and pounded into a fine powder to make amchur or dried mango powder.

It adds a tangy, sour flavor to dishes and is commonly used as a souring agent in Pakistani cuisine, especially in vegetarian dishes where it replaces the tartness of fresh lemon or lime. 

With its unique fruity acidity, amchur is frequently added to spice mixes, marinades, chutneys, and curries to enhance their flavor profiles.

Things That Make Pakistani Food So Unique

# Cultural Diversity Influences 

# Spice Palettes & Flavor Profiles 

# Usage of Fresh Ingredients 

#  Regional Diversity & Specialty Dishes 

# Hospitality & Food Culture 

In Conclusion 

So, these are the main spices that

make Pakistani cuisine so special. These spices add a unique aroma and flavor to the dishes. 

In short, Pakistani cuisine is a celebration of taste, culture, and community whether it is eaten at a sumptuous feasting restaurant or at a casual food outlet. 

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