Pakistani Restaurant in Calgary NE
11 Sep

Delicious Dishes To Try At Pakistani Restaurants This Weekend

When it comes to culinary delights, Pakistan is a country that offers a rich tapestry of flavors and dishes. So, whether anyone is a seasonal foodie or someone looking to explore new tastes, a Pakistani restaurant in Calgary NE, like Butt Karahi, is the one that has something for everyone. 

In order to provide everyone with amazing information about which dishes they should try, we are here with this really fascinating blog. Through this, everyone will get to know which dishes from the menu they surely should try once to fall more in love with them and make their weekend quite memorable.

Pakistani Restaurant in Calgary NE

Let’s have a look at the list of mouth-watering dishes with a touch of Pakistan:

1. Saag

Saag is a leafy green vegetable dish, usually made from mustard greens or spinach, cooked with a variety of spices and ghee (clarified butter). This staple cuisine is often served with makki di roti (corn flatbread) and a dollop of butter. After knowing the preparation and serving, people actually get interested in visiting the restaurant that has these kinds of dishes available on their menu to have an amazing time by trying this delicious cuisine on the weekend.

2. Beef Haleem

Haleem is a thick and creamy porridge-like dish made from a blend of wheat, barley, and lentils and cooked with beef to provide a different and unique taste to the customers. After the addition of beef, the dish is slowly cooked to perfection. Other than preparation, to make the presentation of the dish look more appealing, restaurants usually garnish the cuisine with fried onions, fresh herbs, and a squeeze of lemon for that perfect balance of flavors so that whenever anyone even takes a single bite, they just fall for that.

3. Beef Nihari

Beef Nihari is a hearty and slow-cooked stew that’s often enjoyed as a breakfast or brunch item, and people can have even that on their weekend to make the time and taste buds better. This dish is basically made by simmering meat, usually beef, in a rich, spicy broth overnight. The overnight process results in tender meat and a flavorful, aromatic gravy that can be typically served with naan or paratha.

Bottom Line

The list of dishes gives everyone the idea that if they visit the best Pakistani restaurant in Calgary NE then they surely should give these cuisines a try. It’s because, through this, they will not only be able to have deliciousness to satisfy their cravings but also have an amazing as well as memorable time during their weekend, as the “best food leads to the best time”.

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